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Is this your first time visiting Spreading My Joy?

Well hey! My name is Allie D. and most people just call me Allie or Al. I'm homeschooled, and have been all of my life. I love dogs, writing, blogging, crafts, food, photography, and friends. You can learn more about me here.

On this blog I post about fashion, my faithDIY projects, and recipes.

My usual posting schedule is
Monday - Other
Tuesday - Other
Wednesday - Faith
Thursday - Crafts, recipes, projects, etc.

I can't help but mentioning about my faith because I owe all to the Lord God Almighty. Without Him I wouldn't be at the place I am now. I believe that if we are like God and we strive to live a life for Him we will be with Him forever and ever in Heaven one day.

So I hope you enjoy your stay!

Allie D.
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